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Legislative History Research: Home

Legislative Process

Compiled Legislative History Sources

These resources simplify the process of gathering legislative history materials by doing a large portion, if not all, of the gathering work for you.  These resources provide researchers with a summary of the chronological life of a piece of legislation.  Many of them also provide you with either the underlying document or a citation to the underlying document to make your search simpler.  Start your research by exploring these resources, and you will hopefully save yourself a lot of time and energy.  

Library catalog

Compile Your Own Legislative History

Sometimes a legislative history has not been compiled for a piece of legislation.  This might be because it has not yet become a law, it will never become a law, or for another reason.  In these situations you will need to compile the legislative history yourself.  

Use these resources to aid you in your hunt. 

NJ Legislative History Research

1.   Use the NJSA citation to obtain the year &chapter number
2.   Check the NJ State Library for Compiled Legislative Histories
3.   Use the Rutgers Guide to NJ Leg History for instructions on compiling your own legislative history‚Äč
4.   Search the Catalog 
5.   Find the individual documents referenced: