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Seton Hall Law

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Study Room Overview

  • ‚Äč4 Hour Rooms: May be reserved for up to 4 hours per day in 1 hour increments
    • Reservation times may be extended at the Circulation Desk on the morning of your reservation for any remaining time slots that day.
    • Attempts to game the system will result in reservation cancelations!
  • All Day Rooms: May be reserved for up to 10 hours per day in 1 hour increments.
  • Keys must be picked up within 15 minutes of the reservation start time or reservation blocks will be forfeit, and given to waiting students.  Please call the Circulation Desk at 973-642-8720 and let us know you will be late to have your key held.
  • Keys must be returned to the Circulation Desk at the end of the reservation time.  If closed, return key to the "Study Room Key Return Box", located to the right of the Circulation Desk.

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