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Seton Hall Law

Digital Measures for Law Faculty

Documentation and support information for Digital Measures at Seton Hall Law

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To login, use your PirateNet shortname and password.


Individual Faculty Content Questions: Kristen Boon

Banner Data Updates: Anna Calka, please CC Terry Dealmeida

Technical Questions and Account Issues:  Lysa Martinelli

Issues Importing Publications: Kristina Anderson


Digital Measures Overview by Lysa Martinelli

Digital Measures Law Fields by Kristina Anderson.  PirateNet Login Required.  Last Updated February 27, 2020

Digital Measures BibTex Imports documentation explains how to import your publications from a number of sources including HeinOnline, Google Scholar, and Zotero.

Exporting Citation Data from HeinOnline

Creating a My Hein Account

The My Hein Users Guide explains how to create a HeinOnline Account and extract BibTex Data.  The Information included here is to suppliment this documentation.

Creating a HeinOnline Account

1. Go to HeinOnline.

2. Click on the My Hein menu and Select Create an Account.

My Hein Create An Account


3. Add Your Information and click the Register button.  Note: You can use any username or email.

my hein registration form

Export your publications citation information from HeinOnline via BibTeX files

Exporting Citation Data from Google Scholar

Creating a Google Scholar Account

Google Scholar Citations Help explains how to create a Google Scholar account and use it to manage your citations.

1. Go to and select My Profile.

My Profile at Google Scholar

2. Sign in to Google.

3. Add your picture by clicking on the Camera icon.  Click on the Pencil icon to update your personal information.

Google Scholar Profile page

4. Click on the Plus icon next to title to search for and add your publications.

Add articles to Google Scholar

Export your publications citation information from Google Scholar via BibTeX files

Importing Citation Data into Digital Measures