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Procertas - Legal Tech Assessment

What is Procertas?

Procertas provides online training modules for essential skills in Microsoft Word.   In addition to the training modules, Procertas provides assessment modules that test your ability to perform the essential tasks efficiently. Once you complete the assessment modules, you will receive digital badges indicating that you are a Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology (COBOT). 

You will be able to list your certification on your resume, and add badges to your LinkedIn profile.

Legal Tech Assessment

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We are pleased to announce that we have subscribed to the Legal Tech Assessment through Procertas!

Lawyers spend a large portion of each work day preparing legal documents in Microsoft Word, and it has been identified as a “critical tool” for the practice of law.  To be more efficient, lawyers and law students should be proficient with features commonly needed when preparing legal documents such as find and replace, and styles; as well as advanced features like review tools, redacting, and removing metadata.  

While in law school, students that are proficient in Word can use advanced features to:

  • Outline
  • Create tables of authorities
  • Autocorrect
  • Full text search
  • Create shortcuts for commonly used symbols such as § π Δ
  • Create footnotes
  • Manage sources with the Source Manager

In practice, advanced Word features should be used to

  • Automate document creation and editing
  • Use and tailor pleadings templates
  • Create tables of authorities
  • Build a table of contents
  • Automatically update cross references
  • Collaborate using track changes and document versions
  • Compare versions of documents to review all changes made.  

To help you develop and refine these skills for law school and practice, we are excited to be able to provide all Seton Hall Law students with access to the Legal Tech Assessment through Procertas.  Using Procertas, you will complete online Microsoft Word trainings.  Once you feel confident in your ability to use certain features, you will take an assessment to determine whether you have mastered those skills that will help you prepare legal documents more efficiently.   

We hope you will take this opportunity to improve your Microsoft Word skills so that you can use them both in law school and in practice!

Be on the lookout for a welcome email from Procertas with your username and password.  If you need additional username and password assistance, please email me at