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New Jersey Legal Research: Cases & Legislation

Selected Resources for Legal and Law Related Research in NJ

Sources of Law

The major sources of primary legal information for New Jersey are the New Jersey Statutes Annotated (N.J.S.A), New Jersey Superior Court Reports, New Jersey Reports (N.J. Super and N.J.), New Jersey Register (N.J.R.), and New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C). The Rodino Library shelves these volumes on Reserve, in the Fourth Floor New Jersey Section, and Third Floor New Jersey Government Documents section. 

Finding New Jersey Case law

Finding Administrative Materials

New Jersey Administrative Code

Administrative Decisions

School Law Decisions 

  • School Ethics Commission Decisions can be found at the Department of Education's website for the years 1996- current.  Historical School Law decisions (1928-1991) can be found via the New Jersey Library website.  You can also search for OAL cases from October 1997-current via Rutgers Law School.

Attorney General Opinions 

  • The New Jersey Library has Attorney General Opinions cor the years 1949-1984 on its website.  The site contains Includes the Formal Opinions from 1949 through 1984 (and Memorandum Opinions from 1954 through 1966) that were published in volumes by the office of the Attorney General, as well as the Formal Opinions that were issued from 1985 through 1998.
  • Lexis Advance iconLexis Advance has select Formal Attorney General Opinions from 1949-1991 and 2007-current (Home>State Materials > New Jersey> All New Jersey Administrative Materials).
  • Westlaw iconWestlaw has Formal Attorney General Opinions from 1977-current (Home > State Materials > New Jersey > New Jersey Administrative Decisions & Guidance).
    NOTE: Informal Attorney General Opinions are not available publicly unless the specific agency has chosen to release it.

Finding New Jersey Statutes

Legislative History Research

A legislative history is a compilation of the documents which express the purpose or intent behind the passage of a particular law. 

Below are some suggested sources for conducing your legislative history research:

You can also use Legal Databases to perform some of your Legislative History research:

  • In Westlaw iconWestlaw â€‹useful directories include:
  • In Lexis Advance iconLexis Advance bill history of select bills can be found in the Statutes & Legislation directory (Home > Content Type > Statutes & Legislation > New Jersey).