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Seton Hall Law

Library Policies & Rules

Seton Hall Law Rodino Library Polices

General Library Rules

The following guidelines are implemented in the Law Library in order to maintain a suitable environment for research and study.

Food & Drink Policy

Food:  Tidy snacks that can be eaten quietly are allowed in the Law Library.  Nothing messy, smelly, or noisy is allowed.  This includes in the study rooms.  Please eat meals outside of the Law Library.  Patrons are not allowed to have food delivered to the Law Library.  Patrons who bring food into the Law Library that disrupts their fellow patrons’ study will be asked to remove that food from the Law Library.  Food should not be left unattended or uncovered.  Any food left in the Law Library overnight will be discarded.  

Beverages:  Drinks in spill-proof containers are permitted. 

NOTE:  Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves by placing food refuse in the receptacles provided for that purpose.  Report spills to Law Library staff.  

Noise Policy

Quiet Conversation Zone: Level 4 of the Law Library, except for the Rodino Reading Room, are quiet conversation zones.

Silent Study Zone: Patrons should not converse on levels 3 and 5 of the Law Library, or the 4th floor Rodino Reading Room.

Study Rooms: Students in study rooms may engage in quiet conversation. Please be mindful that the study rooms are not sound proofed, and conversations can be heard in adjacent study rooms, and in the silent study zone outside of the study rooms.

Enforcement:  Persons talking loudly or engaging in behavior disturbing to other patrons may be asked to leave the Law Library if unresponsive to librarian requests to refrain from the behavior. 

Complaints: For noise complaints, stop by the Circulation or Reference Desk, or call 973-642-8720.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

Cell Phone Policy

Taking phone calls on your cell phone is only permitted in Quiet Conversation Zones and Study Rooms.

Copying, Scanning, & Printing

Current students, faculty, and staff are permitted to copy, scan, and print within the limits set by the IT/Legal Information Technology Department.

Other patrons are allotted 20 copies or print outs.  Please bring a flash drive to scan or download additional information.  Flash drives can be purchased at the Book Store on the 2nd Floor of the Law School.  See the Bookstore website for hours and questions: