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For a more detailed description of the Rodino Archives, please refer to our Finding Aid.

Rodino Access Policy

Hon. Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Archives

Access Policy

All visitors must observe the following rules, which are intended to protect the Archives and insure its preservation for future researchers. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in researchers being denied further access to the archives.  In addition, the law school reserves the right to seek recovery for any damage to items in the archives.

Individual, on-site use of the Rodino Archives must be requested at least 72 hours in advance.  Call the Archivist at 973-642-8195 to schedule an appointment.  Researchers must present photographic identification in the form of valid Seton Hall University I.D., a current driver's license, or a valid passport. Such identification will be retained by the Archivist during the time the researcher uses archival material.

Personal belongings are not permitted in the archive Reading Room. At the discretion of the Archivist, researchers may be asked to submit to an inspection upon leaving the Reading Room.

Access to particular items may be denied when the physical condition of material warrants. Consult with the Archivist concerning these restrictions. In addition, researchers must adhere to the following rules regarding use of the material:

a) Researchers may use only one folder from one box at a time, and must maintain the order of the items found in the folder.

b) Researchers must place these materials neatly back in the originating box in the order in which the folders were found.

c) Materials must not be marked, defaced, leaned on, altered, folded anew, or traced on. Materials are not to be placed in researcher’s lap or propped against the edge of the table. Book stands are available for use.

d) Consumption of food and/or beverages is prohibited in the Reading Room.

e) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

f) Materials may be used only in the Reading Room under supervision of the Archivist.

g) White gloves, which are available in the Reading Room must be worn at all times by researchers when handling material.

h) Use of ink by researchers is prohibited. Pencils are provided for writing notes in the research room.

Access to materials in the Archives is subject to certain privacy and other restrictions imposed by federal law. For further information as to what material is available, see Privacy and Judiciary Committee restrictions for the Rodino Collection.

Materials are for use on-site and do not circulate under any circumstances; copies may be made available at the discretion of the Archivist.

Where photocopies and/or microfilm exist for the material sought, they will be provided to researchers instead of original material, access to the originals will only be granted if justified.

The Archivist will try to accommodate focused requests for reproductions of materials from researchers who are unable to visit the Archives, but the Archivist reserves the right to require researchers to visit the Collection in person in order to identify desired material.

Researchers are precluded from making copies of archived materials unless specific written permission is obtained in advance from the law school.

For items which the Archivist determines may be copyrighted by third parties, the Archivist reserves the right to (a) not make copies available at all; (b) require researchers to personally make any copies; and/or (c) require researchers to sign an agreement releasing and indemnifying Seton Hall University for any liability that might arise from the reproduction of such materials.

The Archivist reserves the right to limit the number of copies and/or the number of items copied.

Materials may be scanned either by the Archivist or researchers, subject to copyright concerns addressed above.

Permission to copy any material whether text, photographs, recordings or other material, for use in a journal, book, or other publication, whether in print or on-line, will be granted only at the sole discretion of the Archivist.

The applicant must secure and sign an “Application to Publish, Display or Exhibit” for each item to be copied prior to any copies being made.

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