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Seton Hall Law

Library Policies & Rules

Seton Hall Law Rodino Library Polices

Study Room Rules

  1. Only SHU Law Students may use the reservation system and you must use your STUDENT.SHU email address. 
  2. Reserve your study room online or on the iPad located at the Circulation Desk.  
  3. Study room reservations may be made 1 week in advance
  4. There are two study room categories.  4 Hour Study Rooms, and All Day Study Rooms.
  5. For advance full day reservations, reserve the study rooms designated as "All Day Study Rooms".
  6. For 4 Hour Study Rooms, if free times are available on the morning of your reservation, the 4 hour time limit may be overridden at the Circulation Desk, and you may reserve the room for any remaining time slots that day.  Overrides may only be made for that day.   
    • ​​Attempts to game the system will result in cancelation!
  7. Pick up your study room key from the Circulation Desk at at the start of your reservation.  If you have not picked up your key 15 minutes after the start of your reservation block, your entire reservation block will be forfeited and the room given to waiting students.  
    • Running Late?  Call the Circulation Desk at 973-642-8720 and your key will be held.
  8. To ensure a clean and critter free study environment in the Law Library, please ensure that you adhere to our Food & Beverage Policy.  Remember, you are responsible for disposing of all food stuff and garbage in the appropriate garbage cans, and for cleaning up after yourself.  Report spills to Law Library staff.
  9. The third and fifth floor of the Law Library are designated quiet zones.  Quiet talking is permitted within the study rooms, however, please be mindful of the third and fifth floor quiet status
    • For noise complaints, stop by the Circulation or Reference Desk, or call 973-642-8720.
  10. All study room keys MUST be returned to a circulation staff member at the end of your designated reservation time.
    • ​​If the Circulation Desk is closed, return your key to the "Study Room Key Return Box", located to the right of the Circulation Desk no later than 12 a.m.
    • Do NOT slide keys under the gate at the Circulation Desk.
  11. You are responsible for the appropriate use of the room and for restoring the room to its pre-use condition.
  12. Any belongings left in the study room after the reservation period has ended or overnight, will be confiscated.  You may collect confiscated belongings at the Circulation Desk during open hours, for 24 hours.  After 24 hours, confiscated belongings will be given to Security.
  13. The Law Library reserves all rights to cancel study room reservations.