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Seton Hall Law

Rodino Center Policies & Rules

Seton Hall Law Rodino Center Polices

Study Spaces during COVID-19

Tables, chairs, and carrels are available for individual study throughout the Rodino Center. Please only sit in designated places, 6 feet from all other visitors, and do not move the furniture. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Should we need to limit capacity, the individual seat reservation system will be active.

Study Room Policy during COVID-19

Social distancing guidelines will not allow for more than one person in a study room at a time.

The Rodino Center will continue to make study rooms available to individuals using the existing Study Room Reservation software. Reservations will be limited to morning and afternoon reservation periods begin and end at a specified time for all rooms. Time will be blocked off between use to allow for cleaning of all rooms. Students will still be able to reserve study rooms 7 days in advance, but will be limited in the number of times they can reserve a room each week to help ensure equity and access to as many students as possible. Cleaning supplies will be available in each room for students to use in addition to the regular cleaning procedures. This policy will be reevaluated and adjusted as needed.

Study Room Usage Rules during COVID-19

Repeated Violation of Study Room Policies will result in revocation of study room reservation privileges.  

Violations of Study Room COVID-19 policies will be reported to Cara Foerst, and could result in prosecution for an Honor Code violation.

  1. To use a Study room you MUST make an online reservation.
  2. Only SHU Law Students may use the reservation system and you must use your STUDENT.SHU email address.
  3. Study room reservations may be made 1 week in advance.
  4. At the start of your reservation, go to your reserved study room.  Change the status of the room from Vacant to Occupied.  
  5. To ensure equity and access to as many students as possible, the number of times a student may reserve a study room each day in advance will be limited.  If there are rooms still not reserved when the live chat becomes available, you may make a second reservation for that day by contacting the Service Desk staff through live chat on the Rodino Center homepage.  
    • ​​Attempts to game the system will result in cancelation!
    • All rooms must be vacated from 1:15pm-2:00pm, even if you have the same room reserved for the entire day.  
  6. COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols require that all study rooms MUST be vacant from 1:15pm - 2:00pm. Students that repeatedly occupy study rooms between 1:15pm - 2:00pm will have their study room reservation privileges revoked.
  7. It is your responsibility to cancel your reservation if you no longer need a study room.  You will be held responsible for any study room violations if you have failed to cancel your reservation Students that repeatedly fail to cancel study room reservations when not needed will have their study room reservation privileges revoked.  
    • To cancel your reservation, 1) use the link in your study room email confirmation, or 2) contact the Rodino Center through email at OR through Live Chat on the Rodino Center Homepage.
  8. Final reservation period for the day 5pm-6pm. Students with this slot are free to keep for the remainder of the evening. 
  9. When you are done using the study room for the day, please flip the door sign to “vacant”.
  10. The third floor of the Rodino Center is the designated quiet zone.  Quiet talking is permitted within the study rooms for phone calls and virtual learning, however, please be mindful of the floor quiet status. 
  11. You are responsible for the appropriate use of the room and for restoring the room to its pre-use condition.
  12. For questions or problems, stop by the Service Desk, chat with us from our website, or email
  13. We reserve all rights to cancel study room reservations.